Government Polytechnic Mujahana, Hata, Kushinagar

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Published on: Nov 19, 2020 | 5:05 PM
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Government Polytechnic Mujahana, Hata, Kushinagar
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Government Polytechnic Mujahana Hata, Kushinagar situated around 1.5 KM from Gorakhpur- Kushinagar highway. Established on around 10.34 acres of land this institute offers several courses for aspiring students. The institute full of green trees and beautiful gardens gives a proper ambiance and environment for students to study and grow. The institute is seen as a center of educational excellence in the whole of the Kushinagar region not just for the education it imparts but also for the qualities it develops. Presently it offers 3 years diploma courses in Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering, and Mechanical Engineering (production). This institute in every aspect fulfills the expectations of each and everyone who joins the institute. All the three engineering departments run in the institute are handled by our best faculties who are not only known for their excellent teaching skills but also for the passion they have for their subjects. So under this dedicated team and adequate infrastructure.

Government Polytechnic Mujahana, Hata, Kushinagar Address and Contact details

Address: Government Polytechnic MujahanaHata, Kushinagar
Gorakhpur- Kushinagar highway,Kushinagar-274403
Fax: 05568-241230

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